The Beginning of the Journey


And so it is, that two journeys begin today. The first, that of sharing , through words, some of my personal and spiritual experiences through the medium of flower essences.  The second, that of harnessing the power of flower essences to share, co-create and be renewed, and aid in the understanding how these magical remedies work.

Last night a good friend of mine, Nat Couropmitree from hosted a beautiful workshop at our healing space about harnessing the power of YOU as the SOURCE of LOVE to create magic in your life.  He reminded us that we all are made of love, even when we feel we are terribly flunking at certain areas of our life.  Even then, he said, our soul is looking out for the best in us, and helping us to create new realities.  I was reminded of an area in my life, that I have sorely been longing to tap more deeply into-sharing my writing and deeper thoughts.  While I love what I do, in the healing world, and I have found great success in this realm, I know at the same time, what I came here to really do was write.  Often, out of a fear of keeping up financially with all the student loan debt I have and the cost of living abundantly, I have at times forgotten to take time to write, to share my thoughts, and dreams, and to do what I have always felt deeply in my soul to do.  The funny thing about all this to me is: I know abundance can be created through any line of work.  But for some reason, I think due to societal conditioning, I have always bought into the idea that writing is a poor person’s profession.  Well, today I am making the commitment to write even in the face of this fear. Even if I don’t create abundance in the same ways I have in the healing professions.  I am doing so, because to me, what I have realized is that true abundance comes from sharing who you are as a spiritual being.

One of the other beautiful things that Nat shared with us last night was that in order to allow more love in, it is important to be vulnerable, “not in the pity party” kind of way, but simply sharing from your heart, your struggles and needs.  So, I hope through the medium of healing through flower essences, I can do just that.

For those of you who don’t know what flower essences are, let me give a brief synopsis: they are the makers of magic, bliss, and synchronicity like you have never experienced before! Okay, yes, they are all these things. But what they really are, are essentially sun teas made with flowers. All different kinds! And each flower essence works with your physical, emotional, or spiritual bodies to affect change, and help you come into deep oneness with any areas you may be hindered by- either by conditioning, society, trauma, or, you name it!

I recently purchased a set of 72 medicinal flower essences based on flowers that also double as herbs from Delta Gardens in New Hampshire. To test for which ones to use, I used a pendulum, and asked for the highest and best remedies for me to use for this entire month.  The ones that came in to use are so perfect for me, and are so synchronous with areas lately in which I have felt I needed support.  Of course! As the adage goes, and I often repeat: “energy doesn’t lie!”

The three that came up were no surprise to me, and I will continue to write about these and share my journey throughout the month at how these affect me.

The first is Indian Tobacco.  According to  the book Stars of the Meadow by David Dalton, Indian Tobacco is for those who are ready to come into deep contact with their higher self.  Sometimes , through experiences, past or present folks who need this essence have become scared of experiencing total immersion with spiritual experiences.  And while I feel I am in this realm much of the time in my work, I do have a fear of being completely taken by it in my regular life as well. Sometimes I have a fear of channeling, or receiving prophetic information, though this experience breaks through anyhow.  I remember as a little girl, having an “irrational fear” that my mother was going to get into a car accident.  I clung to my mother for weeks, not letting her drive to the store without me, even to get Christmas presents.  Many years later the accident did occur, in a way that I couldn’t have controlled even if I wanted to, as I was living over 400 miles away.  I have had many experiences like this, both negative and positive.  More honestly though, I did have several experiences working in classroom settings where I felt the lid of my consciousness was completely blown off too quickly.  Growing up around a lot of addictions in my family made me feel that true Spiritual connection was something that you actually needed to have control of. That, to lapse into an ecstatic state with Spirit was , in essence , the same as the addictive type of behavior I had seen around me.  To really become totally aware and awake was also somehow dangerous in my subconscious programming. The first thing this essence opened up in me as I took it was my throat, and then I felt it move down my arms and hands.  It’s message to me today: open up your spiritual heritage through your voice. Say what is on your mind.  Give it as a gift to the world.  And do not fear what comes through, or how.

The second that I tested for was Horseradish, whose affirmation is : ” I feel my power.”  Currently, as I am even writing this, I can feel my solar plexus chakra on fire! David Dalton says: “Horeseradish flower essence is useful in situations where a person feels “stuck,” especially when the idea of moving forward evokes a fear that results in inertia. In cases like this , a person often finds ways to avoid facing the real issue and can often throw much energy and action into matters of less significance. ”

Me, stuck?! Most of my friends will tell you that I am a mover and a shaker.  That I am always moving forward, full steam ahead.  But, as I mentioned before, this writing piece has had me stuck! And I do anything to avoid it! Today, I did something I have never done after taking this essence though: I moved everything off my writing desk, instead of cleaning it. I did not clean my house first.  I literally just pushed things aside and started. I have never done that before. I always try to clean up first and get everything in order as if that will somehow aid my thought process. I am excited to work with this essence already.  And will be setting mini-goals around writing this month. This blog was the first step.

Okay, and here is the last one, and potentially the most vulnerable one for me to share. Before I even bought these essences and was reading about this, I knew this one was for me.  The mysterious and wonderful: Black Cohosh, whose affirmation is : ” No harm comes to me.” This remedy is basically for those of us who fear strong personalities, violent personalities, and those who can easily hurt us.  A tendency with those who need this essence is to back away instead of confronting those who are harming others, or the self. Boy, oh boy… lately I have been avoiding strong personalities like the plague! As a sensitive person, I felt that the harshness which some people put forward is too much, and so I simply go in the opposite direction.  I recently did this during a childrens program that was my idea for February break.  Someone invited a very strong male personality to the mix, and even though I did confront him, it was ineffectual.  I decided to drop the involvement.  I am happy with this decision, on one level. But on another very real level I wish I had confronted this person, and let them know they were not only running over my energy, but everyone else’s.

I am often working between the line of expressing anger, and shifting it.  As a woman, I often feel my anger has been ineffectual in shiftng these strong personalities, especially male and narcissistic ones.  I am interested in how this essence will shift that pattern. I felt this essence especially moving through my legs and knees, almost as if saying : “Stand in your power.”  It has been known to release lower back and pelvic issues, according to Dalton, which I have been struggling with in my body, mainly in my pelvic area.  I immediately felt these loosen, and here I am slaying all these dragons, out loud, in front of you all! So, if that doesn’t speak to it’s power, I don’t know what will.

And if you didn’t believe me about synchronicity, I just took a break to get my mail while writing this blog, and my friend Pamela had sent me this beautiful little card from her altar!


I am committing to taking all three of these essences for the next 30 days to see how my life shifts. I am very much looking forward to sharing the journey, and the posts will probably be a bit shorter, and may hop to other topics, since what I am also hoping to do is simply share writing.  This blog will also focus on intersections between astrology and our lives as well.


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