Danburite Windows


A long while back, when I was just beginning to study the healing arts, I had a dream.  And in the dream, I was given a piece of Danburite, the stone pictured above.  I was told the name of the stone, but in my dream I kept hearing: “Banburite.”

A few days later I went to visit a local school and take a tour to decide if I wanted to pursue Polarity therapy.  As I was being shown the school, I noticed that all the classrooms were named after crystals.  One was “Jade,” another “Crystal,” and the last was : “Danburite.”

“Oh,” I thought in my head, “That is the crystal I heard in my dream.”

To me this was a very good sign that I was on the right track. I knew enough then to know that Spirit speaks to us in synchronous ways.

This particular stone is said to help connect you with your angels, which has always been appealing to me. As a little girl, I wore out the guardian angel prayer , like it was my favorite pair of socks.  It went something like this:

“Angel of God, my Guardian dear,

To whom God’s love commits me here.

Ever this day be at my side,

To light, to guard, to rule, to guide.”

I always felt a little more protected when saying that prayer.  It was a deep comfort.

About two years ago, a friend gave me a fairly large piece of Danburite crystal, much to my pleasure.  It came with me to my offices, and was always part of creating sacred space.

At some point I felt it was ready to come home.  As I went to reach into the bag that I had placed it in, I jammed my hand in too fast, and a shard of it sliced into my middle finger. I had my first ever crystal sliver! How cool! It went right under the skin, and stayed there.  I had happened to be very busy for a good couple weeks, and never even had a moment to take it out.

When I finally went to take it out, skin had grown over the tiny sliver, and it was difficult to dislodge it all.  I got most of it, but I was unable to get all of it out. I feel it at times when I will press down on my finger.  I would like to get it out at some point, but another part of me feels it is a part of me now. I don’t really mind, and my body doesn’t seem to mind it either.

Throughout these couple of weeks, working with these essences, and connecting to my higher self, what has really opened up within me is remembrance and joy of teaching people Reiki.  As I was teaching last night, I remembered something that I had totally forgotten about.

One interpretation of Danburite is that it resonates at the same vibration as Reiki energy!

And then it hit me: Reiki is something meant for me to be doing right now.  It is a part of me.  This crystal in my hand is a reflection of that.

I know, it may sound crazy, but I heard this message loud and clear last night as I taught.

It can be difficult to know what it is that is right for you to be doing in life.  I know I am always playing with new ideas, and exploring different avenues.  I like to keep my options open.  But I know, for many of us, in this this culture and time, we suffer from an overwhelm of options. This can be tricky.  There are, however, a few ways to know and remember who you are and what experiences are meant for you.

One of those ways is observing if what you are doing lifts you up and brings you and others joy.

Another is seeing if these experiences flow easily to you, and you don’t have to struggle to attract it, embody it, or embrace it.  By struggle, I mean, do doors open easily for you in regards to what you are up to, or do they slam shut? Watch and pay attention.  Our higher self knows, as does our angelic guidance, and arranges the puzzle pieces that fit easily.  Our higher self also tries to tell us when something is not right for us, often by creating struggle.

Another way to tell if something is for you, is if it brings you peace, and others too.  In this way, it not only serves you, but your community as well.

There are few things that have given me as much joy, pleasure, and peace than teaching Reiki.  I was grateful to be reminded last night of this special crystal that holds Reiki and angelic energy, and is now a part of me.  It always was, but the Universe sent me a gentle reminder. The things that are truly meant for us, stay with us.

Even throughout my journey of learning a whole host of different kinds of energy work, something drew me to Reiki.  Fellow teachers and colleagues would tell me that I didn’t “need” to learn Reiki because I was already an “advanced” energy worker. But something always drew me to it nonetheless.  And when the timing was right, the teacher appeared, and made it really easy for me to take the course, even when I could’t afford it.  It all happened naturally.  This is how things go, I knew, when we are in alignment with our higher selves.

What flows easily and naturally to you? These are expressions of your gifts.  Harness them. Enjoy them. See them as yours.  Know that what is truly yours will always be with you.

One of my favorite little wise children I nannied for years ago said to me: ” Grace, I think you should be a window for Halloween.”

I thought, what is she communicating to me? She is saying: “Be transparent. Let the light come through your whole being.”

How can you be transparent? What experiences allow light to flow through you without interference?

Surely, herein lies some of your deepest answers.



5 thoughts on “Danburite Windows

  1. Grace! Your blog is well…just like you. Perfectly open, bright, and always landing with impeccable timing. I love it and am so happy astroessences.com exists now as a place I can always turn to hear you. Window sure is right. Look forward to seeing you soon! Much love. JV


  2. I see transparency as being willing to be real and be you…accepting yourself as is and showing up without needing to make the world think that you’re perfect. There’s a natural confidence that exudes from someone who can be this way. For me, it’s an ever unfolding process. I can be completely transparent in activities that I’ve learned to be comfortable with. Yet in some of those same activities, if I get into my head too much, I fall back into trying to be perfect. For example, when I’m working with clients, I’m completely present and tuned in. I love how that feels. Everything just flows. I’m being me and letting my client be him or her. But outside of that session, I can get into my head and get into self-doubt. More and more though, I let go of my own self-judgment, let myself show up, trust and see what’s possible. I believe this is true freedom.

    Thanks for sharing your insights Grace. And thanks for the invitation to share 🙂


  3. I have a very vivid rememberance of Heaven. Danburite looks like an element found in the heavenly realm. Buildings and structures are formed out of it. Depending on what your soul has mastered, certain souls can “see thru” the danburite structures to what is happening on the “inside”. Other souls cannot “see thru” it and it appears “milky & cloudy” like your picture above. We all see what we are suppose to see when we are ready to see it. I loved this. I love you. Keep writing. Let your light shine. Xoxoxo


  4. This resonates with me so deeply, Grace. I absolutely adore you! When one door closes a window will open! Letting light flow through and within. Setting you on a path that’s perfectly divine.


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